Research Idea

Michael Kurzmeier

An attempt to put my research idea into a story and narrate it in 20x20s.

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Live Networks

Dead Links

Effects of Infrastructure

If we are at the end of the pipeline, who controls the output?

Eliminate dead links. On the Internet, dead links are called '404 errors.' For successful continuity, 404 errors are to be avoided at all costs. This is true for any object on the Internet, be it an HTML page, an image, or a special media object (such as a Java applet). If something is pointed to, it must exist. A dead link cuts the flow of information to the user. It is a lie. It is a corruption of the smooth space created on the Web

Galloway, Alexander R. Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2006. Print. Leonardo.

But how can data be stored then?

Any why should we worry about that?

Outside Academia

And inside Academia

Wait, what is a PID?

and what does it have to do with storage?

Why do we need to know WHERE things are suddenly?

Who would do such a thing?

Dariah-DE Tools

So what are you doing?

I need to
  • identify
  • get in touch with
  • understand

As many different projects and repositories as possible

I want to

describe the effects of their tools on their work

I hope to

Help them understand the problems and benefits their choice of tools will bring

Be able to give guidance to future projects

Build on work of others and have my contribution to the field help future research

My approach will be

Cultural Memory and Media Archeology

Wait, what does that mean?

The lost traces of media technologies are deemed important topics to be excavated and studied; "dead" media technologies and idiosyncratic developments reveal important themes, structures, and links in the history of communication that would normally be occluded by more obvious narratives. This includes tracing irregular developments and unconventional genealogies of present-day communication technologies, believing that the most interesting developments often happen in the neglected margins of histories or artifacts.

Jussi Parikka in conversation with Garnet Hertz

Wait, what?

Are you going to develop an entire infrastructure from scratch?


I want to contribute, not to recreate

So what is next?

The End

Thank you!

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