Michael Kurzmeier, final year Phd student Digital Humanities@Maynooth University

Investigating Web Defacements as political communication tools

Co-founder and Co-chair of Engaging With Web Archives - Ireland, a research network to promote use and engagement with Web Archives.


EWA 2021 will have the theme of Digital Humanities (#EWA4DH), and will be run every #WebArchiveWednesday in August from 6pm-8pm (Irish time) / 7pm-9pm (CEST) commencing 04 August, with some workshops and Keynotes on some Saturdays in between.

Chair of WG3 - Research Methods at Web ARChive studies network researching web domains and events


The Spring meeting 2021 will take place online, and is organised by Aarhus University, April 20-22 2021. https://cc.au.dk/en/warcnet/news/view/artikel/aarhus-2021-meeting-programme-now-available/